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Kerala Wedding

Pre Wedding Ceremony
A traditional Hindu Kerala wedding starts with exchanging and matching of horoscopes by the parents of the boy and the girl. "Muhurtham" or the auspicious date of the marriage is then finalized in consultation with the astrologers. The day before the wedding, a traditional dinner is served to the bride at the bride's residence. She is seated facing the east, and has a traditional five-course vegetarian meal with her family.

Wedding Ceremony
The Groom arrives at the bride's house in a traditional "dhoti" and "angavastram". He is seated in a northwestern room where the bride's father washes the groom's feet and welcomes him. The groom then gives him the off white sari that has to be worn by the bride for the nuptials. The "Veli" or the nuptial ceremony is performed around the "agni" (fire). The bride and the groom circle the sacred fire thrice, after which the bride's father ties the "Taali", which is strung on a yellow thread around the neck of the bride. Thereafter the bride's father gives her hand to the groom in a ceremony called "Kanyadaanam". After the Kanyadaanam, "Sparsham" takes place wherein the groom sits in front of the bride and tilts his head backwards, to touch her forehead. After this the girl offers "Laja" (puffed rice) to the fire to the chant of various mantras. Her palms are placed in her husband's hands and she performs the "hom". After this, the groom lifts the bride's foot and places it on the "Ammi" (grinding stone) signifying breaking of her ties from her old family. The groom then moves the bride's foot forward seven times with his hand symbolizing her entry into his family.

Post Wedding Ceremony

After the wedding a feast is arranged and thereafter the bride leaves for her husband's home. "Grihapravesh" ceremony is performed at her new home to welcome her arrival.

Marriage and Beyond >> Traditional Marriage Ceremonies >> Hindu

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