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Sex and Your Health


Teenage sex is on the rise and it is actually this age when you become aware of sex and you start getting curious. Sex is a wonderful experience but at the same time remember that it is a minefield and so you must be totally ready for it and think deeply before entering into it. Infact on medical ground it is actually not advisable for young girls to have sex since they are not totally aware of it and not actually ready for it. Also less knowledge of sex and contraceptives might also lead to unwanted pregnancy. Also having sex in your teenage years might lead to cervical cancer and thus it is best to avoid having sex. In addition to these it is also not wise to ignore the strong opinions that are held by the society against teenage sex and every girl must respect that. It has been imbibed in you by your parents that sex before marriage is not good and acceptable by the society and it is on you to respect that feeling. It is you who has to finally decide whether you want to have sex or not and whether you are physically as well as emotionally ready for it.

Saying "No"
Most girls are worried as to how to say no. She is worried how to get out of the situation without hurting the feelings of her boyfriend. There is one basic rule that you have to follow and that is if you don't feel like sex then don't have it. Be absolutely honest and firm. Follow the following tips.

1. No, I don't feel ready for it.
2. No, I believe I should wait until marriage.
3. No, I hate being forced to do anything.
4. No, I am not sure that I want to do it.
5. No, I think we should wait a bit and get to know one another better.
6. No. I think we should discuss about sex and its risk.

If however you do decide to have sex then always as a rule use contraception's. Always have safe sex and avoid unplanned pregnancy.

Some Myths
1. It is a myth that you don't get pregnant if you wash your vagina properly after intercourse.

2. It is a myth that you cant get pregnant if you use the withdrawal method i.e., the penis is withdrawn before ejaculation. The fact is that tiny drops of semen do escape and that is sufficient to make you pregnant.

3. It is a myth that you don't get pregnant when you are having your periods.

4. It is a myth that you don't get pregnant when you don't reach orgasm.

5.It is a myth that you don't get pregnant when you have sex for the first time.

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