Katrina Kaif
Katrina is the latest sensation in Bollywood. She plays a model in Kaizad Gustad's 'Boom'. Though the movie was panned by the critics and shunned by the audiences, it did declare that Katrina is here to stay. Katrina recently declared that being part of 'Boom' was a mistake. Katrina talks at length about her personal and professional life

Excerpts from an interview with SeasonsIndia correspondent Sanyukta.

Tell us Katrina recently you had said that you were not happy by the way you were portrayed in 'Boom'?
Yes, when I signed the film I didn't know about the Indian culture and tradition. I didn't know anything about filmmaking and the Indian film industry. I did not understand the repercussions of doing such a film. In UK exposing, kissing and stuff is acceptable but no way can this be accepted here. I realized that your first film sets an image in the eyes of filmmakers and the audience. And it is definitely not the role that I want to be seen in.

So are you regretting being in the film?
Yes, I am. See I have no complaints regarding the director and producer. The director Kaizad Gustaad and producer Ayesha Shroff have been very good people and it was great working with them. But this is not the way I want to be portrayed as an actress. I was na´ve when I did the film. I would not do anything like that again. And if this means that I won't get to do films anymore so it will be. I don't want filmmakers to expect me to do all the stuff that they saw me do in Boom again. God will bring what has to come to me.

But then why did you accept the film offer? You knew that as a model in the film you will be required to expose and wear skimpy outfits.
As I told you exposing is pretty much accepted in the English culture. They are used to watching models in bikinis or wearing skimpy clothes on the ramp. When the film was offered to me I was living in England. It looked so much real then. The movie was in English. As the script went along, there were changes. But like any other professional, I just went about doing my work. I was not aware of the Indian culture and traditions then.

So how was it working with Amitabh Bachchan and Jackie Shroff?
It was great. I worked with Amitabh for a few days and he was a thorough gentleman. I must say that Amitabh does have this natural presence which you feel whenever he walks into a room. It was nice working with Jackie Shroff too.

It was reported that due to your liaison with Salman Khan and because of your diction, you were thrown out of Mukesh Bhatt's film Saaya.
Firstly 'thrown out' is not a word I'd like to use in this situation. It was director Anurag Basu's decision to not have me in the cast of the film. I'm sure he had his reasons to do so. I really don't know. But neither my diction, nor Salman is the reason why I was not a part of the film. Mukesh and Mahesh Bhatt are sensible people who wouldn't sign (or not sign) actors based on such issues. I don't think anyone can throw an actor out of a film because of his or her personal life. I fail to understand what is my ability to act (or not act) got to do with whom I'm seeing in my personal life? To top it all, I'm not even seeing Salman Khan.

What film assignments do you have on hand?
I am meeting producers and filmmakers and the negotiations are on. I've refused a few offers too because I was not happy with the banner. Right now I have just got to learn about the Indian culture and Indian cinema and firstly I would like to adapt myself to it. I am taking this month off from work so that I can learn the Hindi language. I'm learning dance too.

Is there any truth in the rumours about you and Salman Khan?
I don't want to say anything on this topic. I'm here to model. I'm here to work in films. I have made my stand clear on that. If I entertain these questions what will come in print will look something larger than life. And I don't what that to happen. I don't want make any comments.

Okay, generally speaking, what kind of guys do you like?
I know it sounds silly but someone who is honest and trustworthy. I am a very emotional and loyal person. Thus the man in my life should be loyal and trust worthy. I want to be able to look into their eyes and know that I can rely on them. To be honest I've only ever had one boyfriend so I'm obviously not in any rush.

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