Hrithik Roshan
Koi Mil Gaya is a super duper hit. The critics, media and the public have all appreciated the movie as well as the performance of Hrithik. Hrithik failed to give a single solo-hit after 'Kaho Na Pyar Hai' and it was being said that if the actor fails this time it would be the end of his career. But the actor didn't care about the risk involved in making this film and accepting this role. He put in this best and faith in God and has emerged triumphant. He has once again won the hearts of the audience by his superb and extraordinary performance.

Excerpts from an interview with SeasonsIndia correspondent Sanyukta.

Koi...Mil Gaya is a super hit, how do you feel?
I am thrilled. We took a risk by making a film with this story line and we are lucky that the film has been appreciated by one and all.

Hrithik Roshan is on top once again, how do you feel?
(Laughs) Well if you ask me I don't think I was ever on top. I just believe in hard work and mental satisfaction. I think I have put my best in each and every film. It's the media that puts you on top one day and brings you down the next day. The media made me a superstar after 'Kaho No Pyar Hai'. I made no such claims.

Was it difficult to portray the character of Rohit in KMG?
Yes, definitely it was very difficult. No star in Bollywood has ever attempted this role. I had to work on my body language, speech, everything. You see I had to play a normal 11 year old kid trying to behave like a grown up man. I had to find that 11-year-old boy within me. And that was just the beginning of my problems. Then, I had to interact constantly with six other children on screen and at the same time be in that same mental level as that of these kids. So my performance couldn't be judged in isolation. I had to look like I belonged to that group. And then Rohit undergoes a transformation. It was tough because I had to tear away bits of Rohit's childhood in every scene in a very subt

So how did you prepare yourself for this character?
I would check in into a hotel and just sit there by myself. I needed total isolation to feel and know the character. I had to search within myself for the 11 yr old kid. I realized the essence of being a child was happiness. Kids always try to find reasons to get happy. I sat there in the hotel room trying to make myself happy. I binged on chocolates and cakes not caring about my weight. I watched all my favourite films when I was a kid, like Superman. It was the first film I saw. Well as I said I had to search for the kid in myself and I just found it there. I just relived my childhood.

Tell us about your next release.
Well it's going to be Farhan Akhtar's 'Lakshya'. It's got an intense patriotic theme. I am very much excited about this film and am proud to be a part of the film.

So what are your future plans?
Well as of now I need a break (smiles).

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