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Shahid Kapoor became a star overnight with the release of his debut film Ishq Vishk. The film also won him the Filmfare Fresh Face Award. This young man has immense talent and he became a rage almost instantly. Producers and directors queued up before his door to sign him but Shahid was very choosy. He refused to sign each and every film that came his way and due to this he was called snobbish and arrogant. However Shahid kept his cool. Shahid remained in the news also for his offscreen relationship with Kareena Kapoor which became the talk of the town. With the release of Fida, this talented young man is now awaiting the fate of the film at the box office.

Excerpts from an interview with SeasonsIndia correspondent Sanyukta.

Fida was released today, you must be very nervous right now?
Well, I hope the audience like the film. We all have worked very hard in the film and whatever the fate of the film, I am satisfied with my work and I trust God.

How did Fida happen?
After Ishq Vishk succeeded, there was a lot of speculation. People were expecting Ken Ghosh and me to get together again, go on the same lines and make another hit. But we were keen to do something different. When Ken told me about this script, I was floored. That`s how Fida happened. It`s a romantic thriller, but something like this has never been attempted before.

Was it difficult to play Jai, your character in Fida?
Yes, it was. Jai is not only a person in love but he also has anger and vengeance in him when he realizes that he is wronged by the person he loves. It is a different role from my first film. I had to prepare myself to get into the skin of the character, but it was not easy. It was very challenging to undergo the gamut of expressions that my character undergoes through the film.

Does your offscreen chemistry with Kareena help you while doing romantic scenes in the film?
It certainly helps. If two actors are unknown or uncomfortable with each other, it takes time to break the ice. Here, the results were instantaneous (smiles). And Kareena is very hard working and a thorough professional. I`ve a lot to learn from her. Having done so many films, Kareena is technically very proficient. She knows exactly what she does before the camera. That`s something that happens only after years of experience.

Did you find any changes in Ken Ghosh since you last worked with him?
He has grown in his art by leaps and bounds. He is far more focused than before, open to suggestions from all quarters and ever willing to correct his mistakes. Ishq Vishk was a simple narrative. Fida is a much stylised film. Anyone who has seen Ishq Vishk will notice the difference. Fida is as much a director`s film as an actor`s film.

There was news about the tension between you and Fardeen Khan during the filming of the movie? Is that true?
That`s absolute hogwash. There was no tension between me and Fardeen and infact we share a very good rapport. Fardeen is my co-star and we have to work as a team for the success of the film. If I run down a co-actor, I would be killing my film.

You have turned down many offers, including Karan Johar and Manish Malhotra and other top banners. Why is that so?
I cannot possibly do all films offered to me. I`m human! It is physically impossible! Out of the 30 films offered to me, I have said yes only to a few films. I will do only two films in a year. That`s it! I choose very cautiously and yet I`m over-committed. I had to say no to Karan because I could not give him dates and Manish Malhotra has not approached me with any film.

So how many films do you have on hand?
Well, there`s "Life Ho To Aisi" with Amrita Rao, I have Boney Kapoor`s "Milenge Milenge" with Kareena and Ananth Mahadevan`s "Dil Maange More" with Soha, Tulip Joshi and Ayesha Takia. I also have a film with John Matthew "Jeevansh" featuring Ajay Devgan. A large part of the film will be shot in a jungle. Then I`m doing Feroz Nadiadwala action comedy film "Deewane Huye Paagal" with Akshay Kumar.

How serious is your relationship with Kareena?
I think she`s the best thing to have happened in my life in the last few years. She`s one of the nicest human beings I`ve met. She`s temperamental and I`m quite calm. I think that`s one of the reasons we get along. Actually we both find qualities in one another that we don`t in ourselves possess. And I think we are able to bring out those qualities in each other, that`s very important.

Any plans of marriage.
It`s too early and too premature to comment. We`ll think of crossing the bridge when we reach there. But yes, everything is fine and positive. We are very happy with each other.

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