Arjun Rampal

He has a very charming personality with Greek god looks. His long, chiseled face, great height and masculine body are perfect for a hindi film hero. Girls are absolutely crazy for him. And today he is the most sought after actor and one of the busiest stars in Bollywood. Arjun didn't start off his career with hits and had to struggle real hard to stay in the industry. His first movie 'Pyar Ishq Aur Mohobbat' for which he got Best Debut Award. The film however failed miserably in the box office but that didn't dishearten him. His following two films 'Deewanapan' and 'Moksha' also didn't do well but he kept the faith alive but by that time he was the hot favourite amongst not only the crowd but also the directors and producers who wanted to sign him. Then came along 'Dil Hai Tumhara' which too didn't do well at the box office but it gave Arjun the recognition and eminence. Today Arjun has many offers from the top established banners and right now awaiting the release of 'Dil Ka Rishta' with Aishwarya Rai.

Excerpts from the interview with Sanyukta.

Tell me Arjun why you chose this career. You were a very successful model then why this change.

Well, I think I was bored with modeling and wanted to do more creative work. No doubt I enjoyed modeling but at one stage you need change. I think anyways stepping into films after years of work, as a model is quite natural. Earlier it was said that models can't act but I am happy that I have proven otherwise.

Your films haven't emerged winner. Do you feel depressed and discouraged?
Well frankly speaking no. I have enjoyed every film of mine. It was a great experience and I know one thing that in each of those films I have put in my best. And moreover Aankhen was a hit, wasn't it? Though many didn't want to give me credit for it. I got my share of praise for the role. The audience has liked and appreatiated my talent. Then 'Deewanapan' did fairly well in the north etc. It recovered money. 'Pyar Ishq Aur Mohobbat' I agree didn't work at the box office and for 'Moksha' I would say it was destroyed due to piracy. With the Vcds available three weeks before the release make things really tough for the fate of the film. Moksha is quite close to my heart as it introduced me to acting and films. I will always cherish it no matter its fate. 'Dil Hai Tumhara' also did well in certain parts of the country. The sum total is the audience likes me no matter what the fate of my film is (laughs).

How has the industry reacted to your failures or rather say the fate of your film?
Look the way I am signing films I would say the industry has faith in me. I am happy that audience too has liked my work and my efforts have been rewarded. It's after all the audience's praise that an actor wants all his life. People have mailed and written to me from all over the world that they liked me and my acting and they have been so generous with their praise that it overwhelms me. It is getting difficult for me to return their calls or answer their letters. It feels nice that they like me. At times I didn't know how to handle this kind of affection. I am really grateful to them for having faith in me and for standing by me.

Tell us about your forthcoming film Dil Ka Rishta?

Well it's a very beautiful film. The story is basically about the selfless love of a boy for a girl despite knowing the fact that she doesn't love him and when he gets her love, its fate that comes in the way. I am playing the character of Jai while Aishwarya plays Tia, Jai's love. I am sure the audience will love the movie.

How was it working with Aishwarya?

It was great working with her. She is very professional and down to earth. It was great working with my other co-stars also. We were all a team and since Aishwarya and I have the modeling background we were very much at ease and comfortable working together.

What are your forthcoming movies?
Well I have a couple of assignments on hand but it's too early to disclose anything about them. There is Gaurang Doshi's Amitabh Bachchan starrer Deewaar with Sanjay Dutt and a project with Subhash Ghai production made under the Mukta Arts banner.

What is success to you?

Success is a great thing but I dont want to stop just here. I want to reach out even further to something bigger than success. I know how to tackle success. I don't worry about how successful I am instead I worry about how to better myself everyday. But success does give me confidence and it inspires me to deliver better.

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