Celina Jaitely

Femina Miss India-Universe 2001, placed 5th at Miss Universe 2001 Paegant is now all set to enter Bollywood with her debut film Janasheen opposite Fardeen Khan. She reveals her dreams, ambitions and secrets to SeasonsIndia correspondent Neha Irani.


So, another Miss India, wants to enter Bollywood. Why are all models turning into actresses?
Why is this so much of a surprise of everyone. I can't help it if my steppingstone to acting was my crown. However, it's a fact that acting is a natural progression to modelling throughout the world, and almost all the models who have established themselves as actresses would say the same thing. Also, the myth seems to have been broken that models can't act. On the contrary, since models are more accustomed to facing the camera, the film environment get comfortable after a few days of shooting. I am happy that I made the decision to act when the right offer came my way. I'm looking forward to 'Janasheen' as I have faith in the director.

What's your role like in the film?
The script is really quite interesting and I decided to do it the moment I heard it. Fardeen and I play two NRIs who come down to India to get engaged to two totally different people who are poles apart from us in every aspect and both of us feel that it's a bad decision to get married to our respective partners. The story takes a turn when our characters discover each other and find love. We decided to get married amidst lot of tension and turmoil. It's got the elements of romance, relationship and emotions that are very sensitively crafted and beautifully portrayed.

And how's your experience acting opposite Fardeen under the direction of Feroz Khan?
So far, I've worked with them on two schedules, and I feel lucky to be working in a unit that's so professional yet personable. I find the work atmosphere very chilled out and we're actually having fun doing the film. I feel extremely comfortable in the unit and Fardeen is so professional and friendly, like his father. I think I couldn't have asked for a better debut film. I am very comfortable working with the entire staff.

Were you nervous on the first day of your shoot?
Most certainly. I was ready for the challenge, and initially, I may have felt nervous and awkward, but as I've shot for the film, I've grown comfortable with the set up as well as my character in the film. Fardeen and Feroz are very patient and friendly and help me a lot.

Do you think you will survive in the film industry with all the other girls who are as talented and beautiful as you are?
First of all, my crown would hold some weight, as I wouldn't be a virtual unknown in films. As regards the rest, it all depends on the way the film shapes up and does well, really. I've to take it from there, one step at a time. As for the film industry, it always praises those who are talented and hard working. I want to do well here, try it out for a couple of years, but if it doesn't work out, I'm educated and can choose from a variety of options thereafter. I haven't planned anything that far in the future. Right now, I'm concentrating on my films, and that's it. And I am sure that I will be successful.

But what about competition with the girls like Kareena, Eesha and other newcomers?
Well right now I am not interested in competition because the most important thing for me is to establish myself as an actress who is here to stay. So its my hard work, talent, capacity and good luck that will play a vital part. Instead of outward, I constantly look inward, and that helps because then, you are not competing with anybody but yourself, and doing your best. And sometimes, most times, actually, your best is better than the rest of them. I strongly believe in that. I'm here to act, to enjoy myself in the experience of doing films, and take the course with the flow. And how can the success or failure of other actresses affect you? Acting is an individual effort on one level and a team effort on one. And there's work enough for all, so no sweat.

Lastly, have you signed any more films besides Janasheen?
Yes, but I can't talk about it right now, as we're not ready for any announcements. For all practical purposes, Janasheen would be my first release, and I'm eager for it to be my debut film.

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