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Amisha replaces Lara!!

What seemed to have been a good beginning of friendship between Lara Dutta and Priyanka Chopra is now a rocky affair! The two actresses started their career with Suneel Darshan's Andaaz and had developed a good friendship then. Now when the director wanted the two to be back for his next film called Aap Ki Khatir, Lara refused the offer where she was supposed to play Priyanka's sister. Lara does not have dates free for the film and hence has turned down the deal. We wonder if this is just an excuse not to do the film. Probably, the actress is now feeling insecure to work with Priyanka as she definitely seems to have taken the lead among the two. As for the director, the obstacle for him seems to have been overcome when Amisha Patel readily stepped in place of Lara. Priyanka for her part says, "I have no issues working with Lara. We enjoyed working together for Andaaz. However, now that it is not happening, I am looking forward to work with Amisha."

After Salman, its Saif !!

After Salman Khan, now Saif has decided to go bald for his next film Othello. More and more actor's and actresses are experimenting with their looks now-a-days and going bald is quite happening. It it being learnt that initially Saif was quite apprehensive, but after a while, he loved it! Incidentally, the person responsible for Saif's hair style is Aalim, who chopped Salman's hair! Another actor who has gone for this look is Atul Agnihotri. Well looks like bald is in!!

Rang De Basanti release postponed!!
Rang De Basanti

The release of the new Aamir Khan starrer RANG DE BASANTI has been postponed by one week. Scheduled for a January 19 release, the film will now make it one week later, on Wednesday, January 25. Earlier the film was marred with one controversy after another. First it was the IAF who had objected to certain portions in the film. The film depicts the frequent crashes of the MIG-21 aircrafts. Madhavan plays one of the pilots who loses his life in one of these crashes. Due to the objections by IAF the producers had agreed to delete the portions which were objectionable. However, the makers breathed a sigh of relief as the film was cleared by the IAF after a special screening. Barely 24 hours after that, animal activist and Lok Sabha MP Maneka Gandhi accused the makers of not taking the necessary permission from the Animal Welfare Board of India before filming animals in the movie. A notice was sent to the Censor Board by the AWBI, asking them to halt the release of the film. It has now been learnt that the film has been cleared by the censor board after deleting the scene which was objected by the Animal Welfare Board of India.

Amitabh in Deepa Mehta film!!
Big B

Director Deepa Mehta whose Water received rave reviews at the Toronto Film Festival has cast Amitabh Bachchan in her forthcoming film Komagata Maru. Deepa said, "It is only Amitabh Bachchan who can do justice to my most expensive and ambitious venture." Besides Bachchan, John Abraham will also play a key role in the film. Deepa Mehta also plans to cast Seema Biswas. "Seema has got the maximum praises for her perforamance in Water. She is an actress par excellence," Deepa said.

Shahid-Kareena paired !!

Shahid Kapur and Kareena Kapoor have been paired together once again. The film titled Chup Chup Se will be produced by UTV and directed Priyadarshan. The film promises to be a love story is a laugh riot with lot of misunderstandings and gadbad gotala. This is the fourth film that Kareena and Shahid will be seen together. The first film that brought them together was Ken Ghosh's Fida. Subhash Ghai's 36 China Town and Boney Kapoor's Milenge Milenge will be the other two films that they will be seen together. Besides Kareena and Shahid, Chup Chup Se also stars Paresh Rawal, Shakti Kapoor, Anupam Kher and Rajpal Yadav. It also stars Om Puri, Sunil Shetty and Neha Dhupia

Big B apologises to NOTE!!
Amitabh Bachchan

Just recently a legal notice was served to Amitabh Bachchan for an advertisement hoarding of his film Family where he was shown smoking a cigar. Sr Bachchan apologized to The National Organization for Tobacco Eradication (NOTE), general secretary Shekhar Salkar by sending a letter. He explained that he is deeply apologetic for the advertisement that has hurt the sentiments of the people at large. He also added that he had nothing to do with the advertisement which showed a still from his movie Family. He has also informed the produces of the film to take immediate steps to avoid such violations in future. However NOTE has decided to continue the battle. Though Salkar explained that he was happy with Mr Amitabh Bachchan's response but NOTE will continue the legal process against the actor. They need a legal reply from Bachchan and will file a writ petition in the high court said Salkar.

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