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Jawani Diwani

Jawani Diwani

Director: Manish Sharma
Starring: Emraan Hashmi,Celina Jaitley,Hrishita Bhatt,Mahesh Manjrekar,Tiku Talsania
Producer: N R Pachisia


Mann Kapoor (Emraan Hashmi), dreams of becoming a professional singer. He is prepared to do anything to achieve his goal. He decides to romance Radha (Hrishitaa Bhatt) purely for selfish reasons. She happens to be the daughter of Umesh Jumani (Tiki Talsania), the owner of a well known music company.

So whatever daughter says, papa agrees, so an agreement for Mann's music album is signed and marriage with the daughter of a great business owner is planned. So, to celebrate his instant success, Mann and his friends decide to go on a vacation to Goa. But trouble ensues in paradise as Mann is caught red handed with his one night stand, Goan beauty, Roma (Celina Jaitley).

Mann pays heavily for his mistake because he is forced to marry Roma by the underworld don, Chappu Bhai (Mahesh Manjrekar). Meanwhile, Roma, who has always fancied Mann, ever since she laid eyes on him, cherishes the company of her husband and respects the bonds of marriage, even if it had been a forced one.

As Mann reflects on his shattered dreams of becoming a singer, he rejects his relationship with Roma. Seeing no future ahead, Roma gives him the much needed divorce. So a freed Mann returns to Mumbai where he has no trouble convincing Radha of what had happened. Being in love with him, Radha readily accepts him one more time. The wedding is thus re-arranged and date decided.

But matters get complicated when Roma is chosen as the model for Mann's music video. As days go by, Mann becomes possessive of Roma. This is the time when he realizes that he is truly in love with this woman who he rejected for fame and fortune. He is now ready to give up everything - his career, his stardom - to be with Roma. But a strong willed Roma rejects him outright.

She walks out of Mann's life. Meanwhile, it is only an hour before Mann's marriage to Radha that his life with Roma comes out in the open. A helpless Mann surrenders himself to his fate. Mann who has by now surrendered himself to his fate, is over awed as his destiny takes a third twist. Who does Mann choose to be his life- partner? Does he put his love or career on the line? Will he be able to make the right decision? Whose heart will he end up breaking?


The film is supposed to be a comedy but let us warn you right in the beginning, there is nothing funny in the film. Screenplay is a complete letdown. The writing is so sub-standard, so juvenile at times that you often think, how was it okayed in the first place? The direction is also completely amateurish.

Music is strictly okay. Cinematography [Rajeev Shrivastava] is alright. Performance wise Emraan is okay. Celina is horrible. The actress should take acting classes. Hrishitaa doesn't get much scope. Mahesh Manjrekar just doesn't work. Rest of the cast is okay. Overall not a film worth watching.

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