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Director: Sanjay F Gupta
Producer: Sanjay Gupta
Cast: Sanjay Dutt, John Abraham, Mahesh Manjrekar, Lara Dutta, Celina Jaitley

Master of crime sagas, Sanjay Gupta, comes up with his latest offering 'Zinda', which yet again explores the world of crime by integrating thrills, revenge, drama, intrigue and suspense. Zinda tell the story of Balajeet Roy [Sanjay Dutt] who desires a small and happy family comprising of a beautiful wife, a secure future, a roof on the head, and a comfortable place to live in. He had it all and was very content with his lovely wife Nisha [Celina Jaitley]. He was beginning to feel comfortable in the city of his dreams, Bangkok!

Bangkok, a city that promised to give him everything that he ever wanted! Bangkok, a city that took away everything from him that he ever had! So what if Bangkok had a different culture, way of living and off course different food! In the company of Nisha, things always seemed promising. Life took a turn for better when Nisha realized that she was going to give him a baby soon.

But would he be able to see the arrival of the newborn? Because his life was going to be snatched away from him soon! Bizarre incident happens in their lives when Bala find himself locked at a place about which he is not aware of. Neither is this place a prison nor has he been kidnapped. He has been just kept in the confines of a small, dark and a dirty room where he has only link to civilization, an old television set!

What is his crime? Which is this place? Who are his captives? When would he come out? No one knows this, not even Bala. Because inspite of all his cries to the outside world, no one is willing to respond. He is there - ALL ALONE. A wait that lasts for an entire 14 years. When a moment of separation from your loved ones can make you insane then one can't even imagine the plight of Bala who is not even aware about his misdeed and is still locked away in isolation.

So does Bala give up? NO! Does his life change? YES! Because now he is no more a human being. He is an animal. An animal who has continued to wait for all these years only to know about two things that matter most in his life. What is his crime and who are his captives? He builds up his fighting skills while being held captive as he is still hopeful that he would be released one day and then he could take revenge! So does he get a chance to take revenge? YES!

After a long wait for 14 years, just as quickly as he found himself bundled in a room, the same way he finds himself facing the world. A world that has changed drastically since the time he last set his foot out. But would this world allow him to live his life normally? Would he be ever able to reach his captives? Would he be ever able to know the root cause of all the mishaps in his life? Is this is a good enough time for him to explore all the secrets that changed his life forever?

Is this an even worse phase of his life? In this complex plot, what role does Rohit Chopra [John Abraham] play? Who is Jenny [Lara Dutta] and does Joy Fernandes [Mahesh Manjrekar] have any influence in Bala's life? Is Bala back to being 'Zinda' [alive] or was the semi-dead state in captivity far better?

'Zinda' is a film that appears to be darkest movie ever by Sanjay Gupta. The film is absolutely guesome and the audience need to be strong to stomach the film. Though the story is refreshing and novel, but the average audience will not be able to grasp and appreciate the film in its entirety. Also, ZINDA comes across as too western a flick for the Indian audiences. The violent sequences, for instance, are highly gruesome and would only put off a big section of the paying public, especially ladies/families.

However for those who like watching thrillers, this film is worth a look. There are lots of twists and turns in the film. The first hour of the film keeps you on tenterhooks. The mystery deepens and deepens with every passing scene. However post interval leaves you slightly confused and there are many loose ends in the film. Sunjay Gupta has executed each and every scene in the film very stylishly and with ZINDA he proves that he dares to tread the untrodden path vis--vis the content.

Sanjay F. Gupta's cinematography is outstanding. Dialogues are up to the mark. Stunts are realistic to the core. Performance-wise Sanjay Dutt is outstanding. John Abraham is good. Lara Dutta is passable. Celina Jaitley is hardly there. Mahesh Manjrekar is routine. On the whole, Zinda is definetly a film worth a watch for those who love watching something unique and stylish but for the average movie-goers this film might not be appealing.

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