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Director: Pooja Bhatt
Producer: Sujit Kumar, Pooja Bhatt
Cast: Dino Morea, Onjolee Nair, Gulshan Grover, Nauheed Cyrusi, Anahita Uberoi
Music: Ranjeet Barot
Lyrics: Mehboob, Neelesh Misra

Holiday is the story of a family who goes to Goa on a vacation to unwind. When Dr. Daksh Suri (Gulshan Grover), his wife Nandini (Anahita Uberoi) and their two daughters, Samara (Nauheed Cyrusi) and Muskaan (Onjolee Nair) embark on a month long vacation to Goa, none of them have a clue that this 'Holiday' will change their lives forever...

While Samara is an extrovert, Muskaan is exactly her opposite. She prefers to be in a shell. Muskaan bumps into a group of dance professionals [Dino Morea, Alyssa/Kashmira Shah] who perform in the hotel. She also gets to know that Alyssa is pregnant and the guy responsible for it is the hotel owner's flirtatious kin [Sanjit Bedi], who has now befriended Samara.

Muskaan decides to step in as Alyssa's replacement when she resolves to go for an abortion. But Muskaan is completely clueless when it comes to dancing, more so about Salsa. Dino decides to train her and in the process not only do the two find comfort in each other's arms, but Muskaan also discovers her strengths.

Holiday is heavily influenced by the Hollywood Classic movie Dirty Dancing [1987; Jennifer Grey, Patrick Swayze]. The story transfroms a simple girl into a glamorous woman who believes in herself and who discovers what she is capable of doing. The film does catch your attention in bits and spurts. the best part of the film is the song prior to the intermission ['Tu Hain Bhatakta Jugnu Koi']. A brilliant composition, it is composed [Ranjit Barot], rendered [Shreya Ghoshal], choreographed [Sandeep Soparkar] and performed [Dino, Onjolee] with amazing precision.

The film doesn't catch your attention and at the end one doesn't feel satisfied primarily because the love angle in the film hasn't been handled well. Pooja Bhatt's direction is not as convincing this time. One of the reasons could be the lackluster screenplay, which tends to get boring at regular intervals. Music is good. Sandeep Soparkar's Salsa steps are sure to win tremendous acclaim. Cinematography [Anshuman Mahaley] is mesmerising.

If there's one person who'd stand to benefit from HOLIDAY, it's Dino Morea. Dino has given a brilliant performance. Sincere and convincing, this is his finest work to date. Also, all those who felt that Dino is a guy with two left feet are sure to chew their words back. Onjolee doesn't have the conventional Hindi film heroine looks. Even otherwise, she is plain ordinary when it comes to acting. But the one department she scores in is dances. Kashmira Shah is first-rate in a brief role. Nauheed Cyrusi is okay. Gulshan Grover is able. Overall though this film doesn't impress much but it definetly ought to be seen for its musical score and dance numbers.

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