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Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena

Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena

Starring: Fardeen Khan, Koena Mitra, Feroz Khan, Kay Kay Menon, Gulshan Grover
Director: Suparn Verma
Producers: Pritish Nandy Communications

Inspired by two Hollywood films, CONFIDENCE [2003; Edward J. Burns, Rachel Weisz, Andy Garcia, Dustin Hoffman] and HOUSE OF GAMES [1987; Lindsay Crouse, Joe Mantegna], Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena tackles the subject of making heaps of 'easy money' through con jobs in India. Arjun [Fardeen Khan] and his buddy Rohit [Rohit Roy] want to attain riches by taking an easy route: Con jobs. But their latest stunt changes their lives forever. They con the accountant of an underworld don, Sikander [Gulshan Grover]. Later, Rohit is murdered, while Arjun escapes to another city.

Sikander traces Arjun and warns him to shell out Rs. 4 lacs now [the capital amount of Rs. 75,000, plus the interest], or else face his wrath. While Arjun decides to continue with his act of conning people to raise the amount, a psychiatrist, Natasha [Koena Mitra], enters his life. She is fascinated by Arjun's con games and decides to be a part of the group [Fardeen, Kay Kay, Mukul Dev, Amin Hajee]. While carrying out one such act, she accidentally shoots a cop [Murli Sharma], who dies on the spot.

Later, Natasha discovers that the group had conned her into parting with her hard-earned money. Natasha wants her money back but sees no way to get out of the net. So she comes up with this idea to con Jehangir Khan [Feroz Khan], the President of Standard Bank, for Rs. 25 crores. The group is lured to try their hand at this dangerous game. But is the suave, sharp, intelligent and powerful Jehangir Khan an easy nut to crack?

The story of the film looks very good on paper but the fact is that the execution of the film is hopeless. The film should be gripping and exciting but the slow pace at which the film goes has made the film boring. Being the writer of the enterprise, Verma has handled a few episodes [con acts] in the story well. However the last con on Jehangir Khan is far-fetched and a bit difficult to accept by the audience.

Music [Pritam] is foot-tapping and good. Cinematography [Manoj Soni] is excellent. The film bears an upmarket look all through. Performance-wise Feroz Khan is good. Fardeen Khan tries to get into the skin of the character and overall does a good job. Koena Mitra looks sultry and has done a good job showing her skin. Acting wise she has a long way to go. Kay Kay is excellent. The actor delivers a flawless performance yet again. Gulshan Grover is first-rate. Rest of the cast lend able support.

Overall Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena could have been an exciting film, but fails miserably to entertain.

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