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Mr Ya Miss

Mr Ya Miss

Director: Antara Mali , Satchit Puranik
Producer: Ram Gopal Varma, Sunil Chainani, Sameer Srivastava
Cast: Antara Mali, Aftab Shivdasani, Ritesih Deshmukh, Divya Dutta, Bharat Dabholkar
Music: Amar Mohile

Antara Mali has turns writer cum director with Mr Ya Miss. The actress has not only penned the story but also has directed the film with new-fangled Satchit Puranik. However comedy is not an easy task and one doesn't fail to notice that the film would've been better off in more competent and experienced hands. There's no denying that Antara has handled a couple of sequences deftly, but comedy is serious business and not everyone's cup of tea.

Sanjay [Aftab Shivdasani] is denied a place in heaven thanks to his philandering lifestyle. At the same time, the Gods think hell is as unworthy place for him since, essentially, he has been a nice person. Therefore, Lord Shiva [Ajinkya Deo] and Goddess Parvati [Varsha Usgaonkar] decide to give him a second chance and send him back to earth to redeem himself. The purpose being, Sanjay ought to learn to respect womankind. But there's a catch: Sanjay has to live in the body of a woman.

Result: Sanjay becomes Sanjana [Antara Mali], his fictitious step-sister. Now, instead of Sanjay's work, it's Sanjana's body that gets all the attention. Be it a roadside Romeo [Snehal Dabhi], office colleague Ravi or the esteemed client Mr. Malhotra [Bharat Dabholkar], everyone has eyes on Sanjana. Worse, best friend Shekhar [Ritesh Deshmukh] ends up falling in love with him. Suddenly, for the first time, he starts seeing the world through a woman's eyes.

Mr ya Miss is inspired by the Hollywood film THE HOT CHICK [2002; Rob Schneider, Anna Faris, Matt Lawrence]. However what goes wrong is the fact that there is no excitement and activity happening in the film that will keep the audience glued to the seat. The story was novel and interesting but what happens is that it becomes a story of Antara with the camera fixed only on her. The screenplay needed more twists and turns.

Antara's direction is very amateurish. Just as her acting she has a long way to go and many more things to learn especially detailing. Music is horrible. Cinematography [John Wilmor] is strictly okay. Dialogues [Raghuveer Shekhawat] are dull. Antara Mali overacts. Everything about her right from her hairstyle to her walk get on your nerves. Aftab Shivdasani is wasted. Ritesh Deshmukh is good. Bharat Dabholkar is efficient.

Overall Mr Ya Miss is a not impressive and does not entertain at all.

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