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Main Meri Patni Aur Woh

Main Meri Patni Aur Woh

Director: Chandan Arora
Producer: Ronnie Screwvala
Cast: Rajpal Yadav, Rituparna Sengupta, Kay Kay Menon,Varun Bandola, Vinod Nagpal

Chandan Arora's next attempt to bring forward a simple movie of a simple person is good at times but mainly falters because there is lack of stamina in the film. The movie does have its share of laughter and sorrow and does deal with the insecutities of man which has been brilliantly portrayed by Rajpal Yadav, but there is no excitement, no glamour, no zest in the film.

Main Meri Patni Aur Woh tells the story of a bachelor, Mithilesh [Rajpal Yadav], a librarian with the University of Lucknow, who does not want to be bound by marriage. But he succumbs to family pressure and agrees to see a girl in Bareilly. Thus, Mithilesh comes face to face with Veena [Rituparna Sengupta].

Mithilesh finds himself captivated by the pretty, charming and educated Veena, who is a few inches taller than him. Surprisingly, Veena gives the nod and consents to the marriage. Mithilesh is thrilled, so is his family.

But there's trouble in paradise! Every compliment paid to his wife and every interaction of his wife with any male begin to haunt Mithilesh and remind him more and more about his lack of height and ordinary looks and his wife's beauty and charm.

Mithilesh now finds himself trying to outdo or at least outsmart every potential competitor right from his milkman to his best friend Salim [Varun Badola] and even the local rickshaw driver Hussain. He even gets into an argument with a vegetable vendor when he offers tomatoes at any price that Veena will decide.

At this juncture, walks in Akash [Kay Kay Menon], who is everything that Mithilesh aspires to be -- tall, smart, a complete livewire. Akash and Veena are friends and they enjoy each other's company. And Mithilesh finds himself to be a stranger when the two get together.

Mithilesh's inferiority complex start troubling him and he starts reading books, goes for exercises, even visits a local quack to increase his height. If that isn't enough, he learns to even drink and smoke like Akash. Finally, Mithilesh decides Veena deserves someone like Akash, someone definitely better than him. And from hereon, life takes a twist for this young man!

The film takes off in a brilliant manner in the first half but somehow can not keep the rhythm in the second half. The story lingers and turns out to be an ordinary predictable movie which infact could have been far better. Though the director deserves to be praised for attemting something deifferent but the director should have payed more attention to the screenplay in the latter part of the movie. Also this should have been a no songs film. Cinematography [Jehangir Chowdhary] is top notch. Music is ok.

The film belongs to Rajpal Yadav. The actor handles his mature role with dignity and grace. Rituparna Sengupta is akin to a breath of fresh air. She is simple, quiet and very elegant and fits the role to the 'T'. Kay Kay is first-rate. Varun Badola is another bright actor who deserves to be seen more in films. Vinod Nagpal [the uncle] leaves an impression. On the whole, the film is different and might appeal to very few but overall, the film might not do so good with the masses.

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