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Director: Rohit Jugraj
Producer: Ram Gopal Varma, Sahara One and K Sera Sera
Cast: Mohit Ahlawat, Nisha Kothari, Zakir Hussain, Rajpal Yadav, Shereveer Vakil Music: Nitin Raikwar, Bapi Tutul, Prasanna Shekhar
Lyrics: Nitin Raikwar, Sandeep Nath

RGV has acquired the reputation of coming up with new stories for every film that he makes. However this time maybe RGV decided to give the viewers some masala film. Directed by newcomer Rohit Jugraj, James has loads of bloodshed and action [from start to end] and there are songs in the movie as well.

Shanti Narayan [Zakir Hussain] and his henchmen have spread terror in Mumbai. He makes his own rules and removes anyone who comes in his way. James [Mohit Ahlawat] arrives in Mumbai, hoping to find a foothold in the city of dreams. He starts living with his childhood friend Babloo [Snehal Dabhi] and takes up the job of a bouncer at a popular nightclub. James meets Nisha [Nisha Kothari], a well-known model, in the gym first and at the nightclub later. The casual acquaintance between James and Nisha develops into friendship. James finds himself at loggerheads with a drunkard, misbehaving in the club. This guy has set his sights on Nisha too. James sets the guy right, only to find that he is Radhe Narayan [Shereveer Vakil], the younger brother of Shanti Narayan. James is now being hunted for by the Narayan family. His childhood friend Babloo (Snehal Dabhi) is killed. What follows is the fight to survival.

Debutant director Rohit Jugraj's homage to mentor Varma's Shiva falters due to the lack of outdated plot, powerful screenplay and screen presences of actors. The first half is faced pace while the second half is a complete letdown due to the predictable script. The director however manages to present the story in a stylish fashion. And the action scenes are simply great. Cinematography [Amal Neerad] is first-rate. Music is strictly okay.

Performance-wise, Mohit knows nothing about acting but has a great body and excels in stunts. Nisha Kothari appears camera-friendly and exposes her anatomy without inhibitions. Zakir Hussain catches your attention. He is venomous to the core. So is Shereveer Vakil. Rajpal Yadav tries hard to make you laugh. A terrific actor like Mohan Agashe is wasted in an inconsequential role.

Overall, James is the typical masala film that might appeal to the masses but for those who want to watch films with quality and content may give this film a pass.

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