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My Wife's Murder

My Wife's Murder

Director :Jijy Philip
Producer :Ram Gopal Varma, Anil Kapoor
Cast : Anil Kapoor, Nandana Sen, Suchitra Kapoor

MY WIFE'S MURDER explores the mind of the married man - on the run. the film was made in Telugu earlier as MADHYANAM HATYA [Chakravarthy, Amani] which however had to be withdrawn from the theatres due to legal hassles. Starting as Murder at Shrikrishna Mansion the title was changed to 2'O Clock Murder to Murder at 2 to Galti Se and finally My Wife's Murder.

Ravi Patwardhan (Anil Kapoor) is a middle-class man with a demanding job at a local editing studio. He is ambitious at heart and hopes to succeed in his profession, with a little help from his hard-working assistant Reena (Nandana Sen). Life at home is a little more difficult. Ravi's wife (Suchitra Krishnamurthy) nags him all the time and does not trust her husband, which naturally creates tension in the house. Under the constant nagging of his wife, Ravi was a silently ticking time bomb. One day the bomb went off and the wife ended up dead. MY WIFE'S MURDER is not a murder mystery that plays a hide and seeks with the audience. It deals more with the mind of murderer after he has opened that Pandora's box that he cannot close shut now.

For any thriller to leave an impression, it ought to compel the viewer to bite his nails in anxiety, right till the conclusion of the story. MY WIFE'S MURDER does that beautifully. RGV always manages to give something different and innovative to the audience. A concept like MY WIFE'S MURDER is alien for Bollywood since it makes the moviegoer peep into the psyche of the murderer. The execution of the subject is brilliant. Director Jijy Philip makes an impressive debut. He has done a great job in creating a nerve-wrecking suspence and keeping the audience crave for more. Post interval however the film slows a bit. Nonetheless, the climax is a highpoint. Cinematography [P.S. Vinod] is up to the mark.

Performance-wise Anil Kapoor gets into the skin of the character and delivers his finest performance to date. Boman Irani as usual is great. Suchitra Krishnamoorthy is first-rate as the nagging wife. Nandana Sen does a good job and gives her best. Rest of the cast lend able support. Overall, MY WIFE'S MURDER a must-see movie.

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