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Director: Suneel Darshan
Producer: Suneel Darshan
Cast: Bobby Deol, Priyanka Chopra and Bipasha Basu
Music: Nadeem-Shravan

BARSAAT is the sublime love story of three young people caught in a vortex of love they have no control over. The ambitious youngster Arav (Bobby Deol) is the centre of attraction for two women. The traditional yet spunky Kajal (Priyanka Chopra) hails from a small Indian town. She strongly believes in the power of true, unconditional love. Her feelings for Arav are genuine and uncompromising. The modern-girl Anna (Bipasha Basu) was raised abroad and enjoys a rich and opulent lifestyle in the city, although she respects her traditional desi roots. She believes in passion and power. Arav is forced to marry Kajal by his parents [Gajendra Chauhan, Beena] before he looked at West for career opportunities. After marriage he leaves his wife and goes to US to pursue his dreams. Arav joins the BMW team and the Chairman of the company [Shakti Kapoor]. He meets Anna who is the grand-daughter of the Chairman of the company. They fall in love and want to marry. Now Arav wants divorce from Kajal. At first, Kajal avoids the issue in a playful manner, but relents subsequently when Arav tells her the truth, about Anna and his impending marriage to her. She decides to move out of his life. Things take a turn when Anna and her grand-father fly to India to get Arav and Anna married. Because by now Arav has lost his heart to Kajal.

The storyline is as old as the hills. There is absolutely no life in the film. A love story has to have romance, passion, laughter, joy and moments that will leave you mesmerised and fall in love. However this movie lacks all these elements. Also too many songs in the first half has spoiled the whole mood and tempo in the film. The screenplay is the major drawback of the film. Nadeem-Shravan's music is average. Cinematography [W.B. Rao] is eye-filling. The locales of South Africa as well as North India are captured well by the lensman.

Performance wise Bobby sleep walks through the film. He lacks expression and enthusiasm. Bipasha looks great and her skin-show will attract the attention of the masses. Priyanka also does a half-hearted job. Rest of the cast able good support. Overall, the film does not entertain and therefore no use wasting your time watching this film.

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