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Cast: Arshad Warsi, Mahima Chaudhary, Pankuj Kapur, Sushant Singh, Suhasini Mulay, Pratima Kazmi, Ravi Jhankal
Direction: Kabeer Kaushik
Production: Ashvin J Patel
Music: Daniel B George

SEHAR delineates the journey of a newly-appointed 31-year-old S.S.P. of Lucknow, Ajay Kumar [Arshad Warsi], instrumental in bringing together a group of committed police officers under the aegis of Special Task Force. Ajay Kumar is given the case of a gangster's murder that was killed in broad daylight (the infamous Sri Prakash Shukla murder case). It turns out that the gangster was killed by another rival gangster Gajraj who enjoys a strong influence among political circles and police force. In his mission of eliminating the organized crime from the land of UP, Ajay is supported by the IDG. And in the process of eliminating gangstar, what unfolds is the ever-changing dynamics of Uttar Pradesh's siyaasat: Railway contracts, ISI involvement, politician-mafia-police-builder nexus, rigid red-tapeizm and criminalization of University students.

The film is shot in stark documentary style that moves at a no-nonsense pace and basically concentrates on the cop-versus-mafia face offs. Though it has a few hiccups here and there still one can say that the Director keeps a strong grip on the subject. Arshad Warsi gets into the skin of the character and depicts the role of a strong, confident and angry young officer. Pankaj Kapoor is noteworthy. Sushant Singh does his part effectively. Mahima is wasted. Kabeer Kaushik first feature Sehar is an earnest, well-researched film but the problem is the content of the film. The audience have already seen too many films of this genre that the subject might not fascinate them anymore. The screenplay slackens at places. The best thing about the movie is the climax, filmed in a moving train.Cinematography is up to the mark. The background score is alright. Dialogues gel well with the mood of the film.

On the whole, SEHAR will appeal to a very thin segment of moviegoers and might not appeal to all.

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