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Salaam Namaste

Salaam Namaste

Director: Siddharth Raj Anand
Producer: Yashraj Films
Cast: Saif Ali Khan, Preity Zinta
Music: Vishal-Shekhar
Lyrics: Jaideep Sahni

Yash Raj Films is back again with yet another romantic flim which also focusses on a very subject which might not appeal to the masses but will definetly leave an impact in their minds. The film highlights on live-in relationship which is not an alien topic anymore. Debutante director Siddharth Raj Anand handles the subject with utmost maturity and care. And that's one of the vital reasons why the viewer doesn't really raise an eyebrow or feel aghast while watching the flick.

Nikhil aka Nick [Saif Ali Khan] has moved from India to Melbourne. He is a chef by profession. It lets him lead exactly the kind of commitment-free, laidback lifestyle that he has always wanted. Nick's sleeping habit leads him to get on the wrong side of an RJ, whose show he doesn't turn up for. Enter Ambar [Preity Zinta], the peppy and vivacious host of a show at the 'Salaam Namaste' radio station. Ambar decides that Nick needs to learn a few basic lessons about life and punctuality.

Gradually love blossoms and Nick asks Ambar to move in with him, to see if this relationship can stay afloat. She decides to give him a chance, and agrees. So for three months, they have the best time of their lives, each sacrificing a bit every other day to make each other happy and getting to know about each others quirks and general habits. Things seem to go smoothly until one fine morning, Amber discovers that she is pregnant.

The screenplay is very cleverly penned. The first half takes you on a jpy ride with fun and jokes while the second half leaves a serious impact on your minds. The pace slows in the second half because it becomes serious tackling important issues of life and relationships. The rift between the two is sensibly portrayed and sensitively handled. But the film gathers speed yet again towards the climax. Vishal-Shekhar's music is good. Cinematography [Sunil Patel] is fantastic. Dialogues are wonderful.

Saif Ali Khan yet again proves that he is a great actor. He has given a brilliant performance. He has matured as an actor over the last few years and he delivers one of his better, sensitive performances in this one. He is outstanding in both emotional and light moments. Preity as Amber is fantastic. She's very vivacious and hot-headed. She handles the emotional scenes well. Arshad Warsi is super-efficient, while Javed Jaffrey is sure to bring the house down. Abhishek Bachchan makes an appearance in the end and the masses are sure to like him. Rest of the cast lend able support. On the whole Salaam Namaste is a complete entertainment film which is worth watching with your entire family.

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