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Choosing The Right Perfume

Fragrance, that essence of luxury and pleasure, is a very important aspect for a woman. Your perfume is a way of expressing your personality. This article will help you understand which is the best fragrant for you from your zodiac sign. Let the zodiac chart out a fragrant course for you.

Check out the compatible scents for your element.

Effervescent top notes of lemon and mint to complement your pioneering attitude towards life. Spicy middle notes for your active lifestyle and musk and moss for base notes.


The top notes of basil and lavender to reflect the earthiness in you. The sentimental and romantic in you can do with lily and rose. You love Mother Nature and the outdoors. Vetiver and sandaowood in the base notes are as reassuring as your sun sign.

Fresh, citrus top notes to characterize your imaginative, expressive and quick-witted nature. Middle notes of rose and pine with spicy and musky base notes to define your carefree personality.

Traditional top notes of lemon with a hint of aldehydes. Rose and lily for the heart and a dry down of musk and vetiver to reflect a Cancerian’s tenacity.

A blend of mint, cologne and orange blossom for the top notes to speak of a Leo’s creativity. Warm bright middle notes of clary and lily of the valley and the powerful mix of sandalwood, cedar and amber at the base to draw attention to you.

Hyacinth and lemon form the top notes to go with the rather pristine nature of a Virgo. Practical jasmine and rose for the heart and sandalwood, patchouli and oak moss to keep you firmly on the ground.

An intelligent combination of spice and citrus for the top notes; at the heart a floral tribute to the lily and rose. And the harmony of sandalwood and patchouli for the dry down.

Sensuality reigns supreme with lavender, lime and grapefruit for top notes; strong and warm middle notes in juniper and geranium and musk and moss for a passionate dry down.

Freedom is the keyword – it’s ozonic notes for the ethereal in you and musk and sandalwood for the physical side of you.


A traditional citrus, fruity feel with lavender, the dependable notes of jasmine and rose. And a twist of neroli, finished off with ever-practical sandalwood and musk and delicate vanilla.

Fresh notes of lavender and lemon with some warm notes of juniper, orange blossom and spicy coriander, based on cedar, sandalwood, amber and musk – as innovative as Aquarians are.

A cool crisp top note for this water sign; a heart that is spicy and fresh to end in soft woody notes for a multi-faceted personality as yours.

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