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Gone are the days of tight fit pants and this season baggy pants are in vogue. Thus it's time to toss out those so-tight-they-look-painted-over-your-body pants and get ready to take flight in big baggy ones this season, which has to be so loose and big that it can take four times your size into it. And believe me its hot and happening. And moreover the excess material on these giant-sized pants can be a godsend as it can conceal serious physical flaws. This means normal-sized women no longer need to hold their breath to appear slimmer or a size smaller.

Gauri Adams, 25, a fashion stylist, says, " Baggy pants at the boutique have sold like hot cakes and ever since its launch this May, we have sold about 230 pairs of baggy pants. Women simply love them". Mr Arvind Vajpai, 32, designer and fashion stylist, however, cautions that it is difficult for Asian women to look good wearing pants that wide. And says, "The trick is to be moderate. A woman needs to wear her pants loose fitting rather than super-baggy. To be frank, this type of pants will only look good on tall and slim women."

This is the cruel truth to this season's shapeless silhouette - despite the fact that it is loose; it can also make a large woman look bigger. But there's hope. Here are some tips on how to pull off the look:

How to wear baggy pants

  • Wear baggy slacks with a tank top or a snug-fitting top, so you do not end up looking like a tent.

  • Keep the fabric soft - silk or fine cotton rather than brushed cotton or linen. And the silhouette should be loose, but not baggy.

  • Taller women are more suited for this look. Avoid it if you are short and heavy-set. There is nothing worse than bunched-up gathers at the waist to emphasise unwanted centimetres.

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