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It can be embarrassing if you go to a party dressed in something that is not in vogue and the ironical part is, you are not even aware of it. Fashion keeps changing and is always evolving. What was fashionable two months back might become outdated today and something more chic will be in vogue. Therefore it is very necessary that you always keep yourself updated about the latest trends and styles.

To understand the fashion cycle you have to understand the fashion cycle. A trend comes into being and is labeled as a fashion item once it is sashayed down the ramp by models, or worn by celebrities at some function or award ceremonies and appreciated by the fashion pundits. Next you will see the trend everywhere, in fashion magazines, newspapers, internet, movies, and on TV. Finally, the trend becomes saturated in the market, usually at very low prices. This is the time when most of us will buy it and get the opportunity to flaunt the trend. But then its too late coz the trend now loses its appeal.

So how do you know how long a trend will last? A few general guidelines:

Generally speaking, most fashion trends stick around for at least a year. Some trends, usually the most understandable ones, last longer. One school of thought says that fashion cycles about every 20 years. Thus, the minis of the '80s have come back into favour now.

A big part of deciding on how long a trend is viable depends on where in the fashion cycle you bought the trend. If you bought it as a knock-off or at a discount store, then you should count on it being in for just one or two seasons.

Although there is no hard-and-fast rule about how long a fashion trend will stick around, you can bet that the more-difficult-to-pull-off looks (baggy styles, large cuff jeans) are just fads that will fade.

Buying power can keep a trend on life support. Sometimes consumers love a look so much they just won't let it die. Capris, crops and tank tops are all examples of former trends which actually became wardrobe staples.

The more radical the cut, color or print -- microminis, army jackets, mod graphics -- the more certain that the trend will be long over by the same time next year.

The best defense against quickly changing trends is to have a wardrobe stocked with mostly classic looks: jeans, T-shirts, blazers, little black dresses. Use trendy items as an addition to a core wardrobe to give it some kick.

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