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High heels are out of fashion now a days with sexy wedges being hot and happening and more steady and comfortable fashion accessory. Sexier than sneakers, and offering more support and comfort than a pair of spindly heels, wedges are the shoes of the moment where casual chic comfort is concerned. When the wedge heel first stepped into the fashion scene in the 1930s, it was made mainly out of straw and wood. Today wedges take foot dressing to new heights with heels in all styles and finishes. Today, it comes in a rainbow of colours, in leather, rubber and cloth, and with heels that are either chunky for casual or sculpted for a dressier look. In addition, you will find designs that are either close-toed and sling-back, or open-toed slides for a more well ventilated option in this scorching heat.

Wedge-wearing tips

Casual look

For a casual look, opt for an open-toe and open-back wedge sandal. Straw and cork wedges will look awesome for a casual wear. Wedge-heeled casual shoes go especially well with capris and sun dresses. They give the outfit and very fashionable and stylish finish.

Office wear

Straw and cork wedge heels can look a little too casual for the office. Save those for the weekend. For the office, choose leather wedge heels, or a closed-toe, sling-back style.


Strappy leg-lacing styles are a chic and sexy option for the evening. For something even dressier, look for sculpted heels instead of chunky block heels.

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