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Proper sunglasses are most important during summer because it protects your eye from the harmful uv-rays that are the cause of blindness; cataracts etc.

Points to consider while choosing sunglasses:

Always look for sunglasses that block 99 or 100 percent of UV radiation thereby protecting your eyes.

Also see to it that the lenses are dark enough to filter out 75 to 90 percent of the powerful sunrays that makes you squint.

The lenses should not cause eyestrain, headache, and, give ugly wrinkles.

Note: One way to ensure that the sunglasses will protect your eyes from harmful rays is to put your sunglasses on, and take a look in the mirror; if you can see your eyes, the lenses aren't dark enough to screen out visible light.

Use colours of your lenses that will help you see the world's true colour i.e., grey, brown, or green. Avoid yellow or amber lenses they make it hard to distinguish the traffic signal.

If you are buying plastic lenses then pick one that has a scratch-resistant coating.

Try to go for wraparound frames since they offer the most protection by blocking light from the sides, top, and bottom.

Go for frames that are strong, sturdy as well as light. Nylon or composite frames are light and strong; metal frames tend to be fashionable but are often heavy and inflexible.

Types of sunglasses

Single-gradient lenses: these are permanently shaded from top to bottom, cut glare from above but allow you to see clearly below.

Double-gradient lenses are those, which are dark on the top and bottom and lighter in the middle.

Polarized lenses are also great for all these activities, since they block light reflected off smooth surfaces like water and pavement.

Photo chromic lenses; they darken in bright light in about 30 seconds but take about five minutes to lighten up again in dimmer conditions. Good if you are going in and out of the house the whole day.

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