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Wearing the perfect shorts not only flaunts your figure but also makes you look stylish and trendy. Whether you go for itty-bitty shorts or a little mini, short is definitely the key word when choosing bottoms for the summer.

The following tips will help you choose the perfect shorts for this summer:

1. Opt for a shorter inseam if you have short legs or are petite. A shorter silhouette will give the illusion of a longer leg, whereas a longer short will only enhance your compact frame.

2. Skip the pleats and any closure that gathers or bunches at the belly if you're wide through the middle. Opt instead for the slimming effects of a flat, clean front.

3. Balance broad hips with shorts that have a wider and longer cut. Downplay larger buttocks with shorts that flare or taper at the outside seam.

4. Cinch a drawstring short at your waist if you have a straight or boyish figure. Or select a zip or button-front style that sits low around your hips instead of your waist.

5. Head out in hot shorts if you're blessed with long, slender and well-toned legs. Just make sure you don't reveal too much.

6. Complement a very long leg or a tall frame with a board short or clam digger. Pair the board short with a cotton tank and sport slides, and dress the clam digger up with a peasant top and colorful leather thongs.

More tips for pulling off short looks:

  • Avoid pairing these bare bottoms with anything overly lowcut, belly-baring, or skintight.

  • With a mini skirt, an oversized yet still fitted tunic is the top option. The look is ever-so-slightly boho, yet still chic.

  • With shorts, go for a nautical striped tee (I'm so loving stripes!) or a classic polo.

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