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Summer is a time for flaunting your trendy summer wear. It is the time to experiment with fresh and lively colours. However you also have to be careful while dressing up in summer. You have to look stylish and at the same time your clothes should be able to survive the heat. Summer is about hassle free dressing. Here are a few ideas on building effortless summer style and updating on your summer wardrobe.

  • Take all of your summer attire and lay it out on your bed, sorting the items by shorts, capris, sundresses, tops, tanks, and so forth. Make a donation pile of items you didn't wear last summer or anything that's too big, too small or too worn out.

  • Gather your tops and begin a mix-and-match process with the bottoms, noting where you may need a print top for solid pants or a solid top for a print skirt. Also, consider if you're lacking a particular style that you like or find flattering: halter tops, shells, sleeveless blouses or tanks.

  • Remember to examine your swimsuit. Make sure it still fits well and is in good condition. If not, make the addition to your shopping list.

  • Go shopping. Head to your favorite stores and fill in the holes. Look for the styles you need and think about where you might add new colors and fabrics.

  • Consider how your shoes look with your updated wardrobe and determine if you could use a new pair of strappy sandals, thongs or flats.

  • Put away your favorite black leather bag and switch to a carry all in a two-tone canvas, woven straw,or lighter neautral color.

  • Hop on the capri pant craze and pair them easily with a tank or form fitting t-shirt. For the most flattering capri look, opt for a wide leg. Choose brighter or neutral colours.

  • Splurge on a flowery, flowing, printed sundress for effortless summer feminity.

  • Consider purchasing a knee length skirt in a bold colorful print pattern.

  • Purchase a pair of white pants to take you anywhere. Choose them in fabrics like cotton with a little stretch or denim. They can be any style, flat front, wide legged or capris. Pair them with a bright t-shirt for a more casual look or a floral blouse for a dressier occasion.

  • Make sure your summer wardrobe includes basic white cotton tees and tanks which can be paired with jeans or your capris.

  • Include a summer hat made of straw which keeps your or a cotton crusher hat to protect your skin and hair from the sun.

  • Complement your summer look with stylish sunglasses to keep you from squinting and getting crow's feet around your eyes.

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