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Summer is unbearable. The heat, the sweat, the sun literally drives a person crazy. In such a weather to keep up with fashion is a bit tricky coz it's the time when minds, bodies and clothing wander to outdoor mode. But fret not coz we bring you tips for fashion in summer. With some creative ingenuity, you can transform your summer attire into outdoor chic. Just make sure you are prepared to take full advantage of summer's best offerings by wearing comfortable clothing with a stylish flair.

Comfy outfit: Loose fitting, breezy, lightweight garments are most comfortable and perfect for outdoor summer entertaining. You can wear them at parties whether it is during the day or night. You can wear them at work place, gatherings, picnics and almost anywhere. Thus fashionable skirts, salwar kameez, dresses or pant matched with the versatile top of linen, cotton or silk go very well both at work and outdoor fun and can be worn to a number of summer events and also make an elegant fashion statement.

Comfy shorts for summer fashion: What better way to feel comfortable and enjoy the summer heat than with a pair of shorts? Shorts are a relief in summer for picnics or outings. There are shorts for every type of body, fat or slim. There are short shorts, walking shorts, golf shorts and even shorts that are designed for people who don't have the right figure for shorts. For those who have the body, the legs and the attitude to carry the look, short-shorts are en vogue this season.

Jean wear for summer fashion: Jeans and other denim sportswear continue to be very popular for all type of seasons. Jeans paired with a fancy top can take you to any number of outdoor events and are very comfortable and look smart. During summer season, denim is decorated with embroidery and given other decorative touches. Match your jeans with the basic white cotton T or checks or any other short sleeve shirt, which will be comfortable and reduce the amount of discomfort and sweat.

Capri chic for summer fashion: The hot favourite this season is Capri pants. Capri pants are perfect and excellent clothing for warm-weather chic. Capri pants are found in a number of styles like tight-fitting pants, cut-off pants that may fall in length anywhere from right above the knee to mid-calf to just above the ankle. Capri's can be worn to almost any summer outing. Fabric's range from linen to denim to silk, and, like jeans, may be decorated with embroidery. Depending on the style, fabric and how they are accessorized, Capri pants can be worn to an upscale event as well as fit in at an ultra-casual outing.

Summer Fashion accessories: The last step is to accessorize you. To make sure you and your attire are summer chic, you have to take a little time out and go through your wardrobe. Take out the scarf you had bought but forgotten to ever use it coz the right scarf in the right colour adds zing to an outfit. Summer handbags also can enhance your overall look. There are numerous small bags that work for those times when you only need a few items at hand. When you attend an all-day outing, there is a variety of great jute and canvas bags with beautiful embroidery available that looks great and is fit for the occasion.

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