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Summer attire boasts finer material, body-baring silhouettes and lighter colours. Since your basic bra may seem bulky and somewhat obvious under these conditions, consider buying a few bras designed to go undetected when paired with your favorite summer tops.

The following tips will come in handy while buying a bra for summer wear

1. Invest in a convertible bra. This bra will support you well under a backless bodice and halter tops.

2. Opt for styles without lace and seams for a clean look under fitted sleeveless tops. If you're a size A or B, look for stretch cotton bralettes - they resemble a cropped tank top with adjustable straps.

3. Try a demi bra when wearing a plunging or revealing neckline. Designed with wide-set cups that just cover the nipple, they offer good support with maximum exposure.

4. Wear flesh tones when sporting pastels or sheer materials like linen. White bras will be very obvious.

5. Combat sweat-inducing humidity by pairing summer attire with a moisture-wicking sports bra. They offer great support, and the high-tech fabric will keep you a lot drier than most fashion bras.
6. Consider racer back or cross back bras to wear with sleeveless tops and shells. You can rest assured that your bra straps won't slip into view.

7. If you are stuck with a sleeveless top that shows the inside shoulder and you can't wear a racer bra, wear flesh-colored thin bra straps.

Things to consider:

  • Bring your favorite summer tops when shopping for bras. Check coverage in the underarm area, too, as some armholes are cut so low that they reveal the body of the bra.

  • Check lingerie boutiques and specialty stores for unique styling and colors that may not be carried in the major department stores.

  • Look for tanks and sleeveless tops that have built-in bras.

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