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Square Face

Square Shaped Face: A square shaped face has a straight hairline and a square jaw line. Therefore you have to create an illusion of length. Your goal should be to soften the sharp angle of jaw line and minimize your squared-off brow.

A square-shaped face has very strong features at the temples and the jaw line. Thus the main focus will be to elongate the appearance of the face by bringing lightness to the cheekbones, the centre of the forehead and the chin.

Concealer: Apply concealer to the top of the forehead, the chin and on any kind of lines that you want to minimize. Take the sponge and blend the makeup into the face. The cover up should extend from under the eyes all the way up into the temples, especially if the facial structure recedes in that area.

Foundation: Using two different colour foundations, apply the deeper shade in the areas that you want to minimize i.e., the square parts of the forehead and square parts of the jaw line. Blend the makeup into the skin, avoiding the chin. You may wish to bring a bit under the neck as well. Apply the lighter foundation to the same spots that you used the concealer - chin, forehead and cheekbones. Apply translucent powder to all areas of the face with a cosmetic sponge.

Final Touch: Apply contour powder to the same areas as you placed the warmer foundation. Cover the square areas of the temples, keeping the centre light. Apply the powder below the cheekbones and bring it forward right along the square jaw. Using a makeup brush, apply the powder to the cheekbones from the ear to the outer corner of the eye. Remember not to bring the blush too high - you'll draw attention to the square features of the face and negate the emphasis you just created for the cheekbones.

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