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A silhouette refers to the outer shape of the garment. In this section we have discussed the basic silhouette that may be incorporated into the Indian silhouette.

The basic silhouettes are:


The most common silhouette that has the hem larger in proportion to the chest and waist measurement, thus giving the classic 'A' appearance.


This has a straight cylindrical shape to the garment achieved by giving same measurements to the chest, waist and hem. The effect is best achieved when overall the garment has a close fit. This silhouette works very well for the younger customers.


This silhouette is achieved by flaring the garment from under the armhole. It is important for the garment to be close fitted at the bust.

Empire line

This refers to a panel dividing the garment horizontally into two panels below the bust.


This kind of silhouette does not have a symmetrical form. It can be achieved by varying the true colours, panels, hemlines etc.

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