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Makeup Tips for Round Face

Round Face: A large, curved forehead with a rounded chin. The face looks full and has very few angles. Cheekbones are clearly wider than brow bone and jaw line. Widest point is at the cheeks and ears.

A round face lacks dominant facial features and the principal object is to counter the roundness of the face and give it a long and elongated shape. To make the face appear longer, use makeup to create lightness from the lower lip to the chin and from the brows to the hairline.

Begin by applying concealer to make the skin tone look equal. Apply concealer in such a way that the cheekbones are highlighter while the jaw line is lightened. Using a sponge, dab the cream under the eyes. Blend it in up on the sides of the nose and out to the upper cheeks. Highlight the centre portions of your face by applying concealer on the forehead and chin.

For redefining a round face you need foundation of two different shades, one light and one dark, which should be just one shade deeper than your skin tone. Place the darker foundation, in the fullness at your temples, as well as in the fullness of your jaw line. Keep the chin clear - this helps to make the face look longer. Smooth the liquid into the skin using a sponge. If you find that you have fullness under your chin and your neck, apply the darker foundation down in that area. Blend the lighter foundation into the same central areas that you placed the concealer - under the eyes, on the nose, chin and forehead. Use a translucent powder to lightly cover the area.

Final Touch: After the face shape has been corrected with foundation, apply a contour powder and blush. Place the contour powder on the fullness of the temples with a makeup brush. Continue to blend the powder down along the fullness of the jaw, keeping the chin clear. Finally, apply blush directly onto the cheekbones.

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