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Following are a few tips that will help you deal with problems relating to hand and nail care.

For clean nails always soak them in vinegar after you have clipped your finger nails. This will kill germs, fungus and keep them healthier than they were before.

To remove ink mark from your beautifully polished nails dab some toothpaste the white variety (Not Gel) on a paper towel and work it into the nail. If you rub for a couple of minutes you will find that the ink just disappears.

To extend the life of your nail lacquer/ polish in the bottle, keep it in the fridge. Nail lacquer tends to go "thick" after a short time. Best results are obtained by bringing the lacquer to room temperature before applying to the nails.

If your ring is stuck on your ring finger and it just wont give way then add a little soap and twist your ring around a little, it should come right off. Another trick is to stick your hands on an ice pack for a few minutes cooling down your hand so your hands won't be as swollen and you can get your rings off easily.

To Quickly dry fingernail polish, dip your nails in ice water. The polish will harden much faster.

To help dry your fingernails after applying nail varnish and prevent them from nicks use cuticle oil after polishing just apply the oil over the fingernail.

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