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Designing basically involves giving form to a particular idea by keeping into mind the different aspects of designing such as proportion, flow, balance etc. It is ultimately the end result, which has to be seen and admired.


Pleasing relationship of areas sometimes referred to as scale. The relative length of two parts of a garment is termed as proportion. The degree and method of subordinating some part of a design to other is shown as proportion.


Balance is the equal distribution of weights. (Actual or virtual) Symmetry between the left and right halves of the body in a garment is termed as the symmetrical balance. The purpose of balance is to bring a satisfying relationship between all the design parts.


Rhythm is the repeated use of lines or shapes to create a pattern. Rhythm is achieved through:
Symmetrical designs
Asymmetrical designs


Emphasis creates a centre of interest by focusing the viewer's attention on a specific area of the garment. It is basically the use of subordination in various parts in order to emphasize and highlight certain parts.


Unity means that all elements of a design work together to produce a successful visual effect. Also known as harmony, achieved when the fundamental elements of design have been used to express a single concept.

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