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PonytailAre you bored with tying your ponytail the same way day in day out. Are you game to try some new ponytail hairstyles that can really rock your world and make you the centre of attraction. Well here are a few funky ponytail hairstyles.

Eight ways to jazz up your ponytail

  • Instead of wearing one pigtail wear two or more ponytail either above your earlobe giving it a cute doggy look or wear it just below your earlobe. Play with wearing your pigtails up, down, or in between.
  • Tie your ponytails in knots. Separate your ponytail into two separate tails and twist into random knots pinned to the back of your head. Experiment with pulling loose strands out of the knots and letting them form random twists or put faux beads on them. Try wrapping the base of each knot with a strand of your own hair for added interest.
  • Try tiny pony sprouts all over the head which will look attractive if decorated with faux beads and multicoloured ribbons. Thus don't stop with just one thick tail sprout. Play with just a few or an entire head of thin pony sprouts.
  • Wear a side tail and then give it funky appearance. Pull all your hair to one side, attach a "hair friendly" hair band and then play with various options from spraying the ends and making it stand out or curling them. Wear it high, low or in between. Tip the ends or play with your bangs for a hot new variation.
  • Curl your ponytail to give it a very sexy effect. A good ponytail is a great starting point for a great hairdo consisting of well-placed curls. Whether you want to dress up your ponytail for a special event or just change the look, use your ponytail as a starting point for a cap of well placed curls and decorate it with beautiful pins and faux diamonds.
  • Wrap it up. Add instant interest by taking one piece of your own hair and wrapping around the top of your ponytail or pigtails. If you prefer, add a clip on braid or hair strand and wrap that at the top of the pony to providing contrasting texture or colour. You can also select a variety of materials from suede, velvet, silk or leather to wrap the entire length of the tail from the top to the ends.
  • Add Temporary Extensions. Whether you decide to attach add-on hair or invest in fun faux hair extensions, go wild and be super creative. Add ribbons, pin-in ponytails or braids.
  • Do a half up/half down ponytail that features a soft ponytail nestled at the back of your crown and is gives a wonderful sleek and sensual look. Ponytails can also be positioned underneath other strands to create instant volume and fullness.