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Colour & Personality

What colour do you prefer? Colour theorists predict personality on color preferences. Here is a simple list of some of their predictions:

If you like blue, you are competent, capable, resourceful, and a good money maker.

If you like yellow, you are intellectual, self assured, sensible, confident, and secure.

If you like red, you are active, impulsive, out-spoken, admired, dynamic, and high-spirited.

If you like green, you are friendly, natural, outgoing, congenial, indulgent, and traditional.

Here are also some fashion tips for a better you:

Slouching adds pounds! Practice holding your chin and stomach in to improve posture and look thinner.

Tight elastic produce bulges.

A little looser (like salwars) is always better.

Keep your problem areas covered. For example, if your thighs are heavy do not wear shorts.

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