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Choosing The Right Perfume

Fragrance, that essence of luxury and pleasure, is a very important aspect for a woman. Choosing the right perfume to suit your style and needs is challenging, but rewarding and fun. Your perfume is a way of expressing your personality. Like quality fashion accessories, good perfume adds a finishing touch to what you're wearing. However your choice of fragrance in a perfume is limited only by your own personal taste. There's Fresh & Floral - a sweeter smell, feminine and flowery, or Light & Cool for active or sporty ladies and Warm & Sensual for a musky, sexy and heavier scent. Thus whether it is musk, spice, floral, woodsy, or a combination, every woman wants her own personality to be reflected in her choice of scent. But you also need to consider the type of ceremony, gathering or occasion.

Remember that it is easy to be convinced by the jazzy advertisements of the perfume industry, but don't commit the mistake of deciding what you want without first trying a perfume out properly. It is very important that when you wear your perfume you should feel great, desirable and confident.

Steps you should take while choosing a perfume:

1. The first step is to think about what kinds of smells you find most attractive. Do some research and the smells which appeal to you is best suited for you.

2. Don't hesitate to ask the person wearing a lovely perfume the name of her perfume.

3. While selecting a perfume always take the help of the salesgirl but only trust your taste.

4. Apply the perfume on the pulse points and wait for 10 minutes before actually deciding to but it.

5. You can try out two perfumes, one on each wrist during one trip to the mall, but not more than two as your nose will start to get confused and you will end up smelling like a perfume factory.

6. Don't sniff the perfume immediately after you spray it. If it has alcohol in it this will assault your senses. Wait a bit. Most perfumes will go through three stages called the top, middle and base notes. You cannot judge a perfume simply on its top notes.

The six main categories of perfume are:

1. Floral - with flowers as the dominant theme, sweeter smell, flowery, very feminine and romantic.

2. Fruity- spicy and fresh with fruits used as part of the formula

3. Oceanic - modern perfumes that use synthetic elements to smell strongly of the ocean.

4. Greens- fresh energetic perfumes that remind you of the outdoors.

5. Orientals- sexy exotic and intense perfumes that smell of musk, vanilla, spices and opulent heavy flowers.

6. Woody-Perfume that smell like bark, moss and other things you might find in the forest.

Perfumes though make a persons appearance lovelier and infact adds a finishing touch to what you're wearing. But different perfumes are suitable for different occasions, and age groups. A green perfume is especially suitable for a young girl with lots of zest and full of energy while an oriental may be too sophisticated for a teenager and perfect for dates and dinner parties. Orientals are intense and tend to be more suited to eveningwear and special occasions while greens are more appropriate for casual wear. Lighter perfumes are refreshing during hot weather while heavy perfumes are comforting in the cooler months.

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