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Pear Face

Pear Face: Pear shaped face has a wide forehead and a narrow chin line. For a pear-shaped face, the wide jaw line is the major point of focus. Thin temples just add to this effect. Through the use of contouring and softening makeup, you can bring the look of this face into balance.

Concealer: Place some cream concealer on a cosmetic sponge and apply it around the eye, on the nose and in the centre of the forehead. Stay away from any where in the jaw area.

Foundation: You will need two shades of foundation, one dark and one light. Using a cosmetic sponge, dot the darker foundation along your full jaw line (including the chin) and in the upper portion of the forehead. Blend. Take the lighter foundation and apply it to the same areas that you covered with concealer - under the eye out to the cheekbones, over the nose, across the temples.

Final Touch: Using a makeup brush, apply contour powder below the cheekbones down to the jaw and across the chin. This will help to further minimize the full jaw line. Applying blush can be a bit tricky on this shape of face. Apply blush to the cheekbones. By dividing the face in half in this manner, the emphasis remains on the cheekbones.

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