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This section consists of four important parts while designing any Indian wear.

a) Necklines
b) Sleeves
c) Length of kurta
d) Trousers

Basic Necklines

The following are the basic necklines that can be modified according to the trends and seasons and incorporated into the Indian wear designs. The basic necklines are:

Round Square Scooped
Boat Asymmetrical Scalloped
Key hole
(the hole can be of different shapes)
U-shaped Angarakha
(it maybe traditional or have variations in terms of different positioning)
(a collar with only a shaped stand)
Grown on
(an extended neckline that rises to the neck)
(refers to the absence of the shoulder and the sleeves)
Shirt collar
(maybe modified to look more feminine)
(refers to a piece of cloth cut on the bias and attached as a separate piece to the fabric which falls in graceful folds on the neck)



Basic sleeves

The basic types of sleeves are:

It maybe loose or have a closer fit
It reaches the mid point between the shoulder and the arm
The arm hole has to be cut smaller than the usual to avoid gapping
It reaches below the elbow
It is an extension of the armhole to simulate a sleeve at the end
It is a very short sleeve that just about covers the crown of the arm
The sleeve starts from the neckline and this style has no armhole
This sleeve starts to flare from the elbow onwards


Basic lengths of Kurta's

There are three basic lengths of kurta's which are as under:

Short length
36" - 38" which reaches above the knee level.
Medium length
43" - 44" which is just below the knee level.
Long length
48" - 50" which reaches the ankle.



In addition to the traditional bottoms in Indian wear- the 'salwar' and the 'churidhars', we can also use variety of western trousers, modified to fit into the Indian concept. Below a few western style trousers are listed but it is always possible for the designer to find new concepts in bottoms that fit into the look of the season.

Salwar Churidhars Straight:
They are basically loose fitted trousers that are slightly tight near the knee and have a proportionate wider bottom hem
This is a medium fit trouser which has the same measurement for the knee and the hem
These trousers have a large knee measurement as compared to the bottom hem. They maybe fitted or loose


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