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In our hectic lifestyle it becomes difficult to manage work, home, family and also take time out to throw and attend parties. Looking great becomes tedious and a marathon effort. But fret not, for we have brought for you tips to look gorgeous and party perfect in whatever time you have on hand. Whether you have five minutes to spare en route from the office to the party or 20 minutes (wow!) to go all out, we've got the goods to get you looking great in no time.

If You Have 5 Minutes for Makeup

Eyes: Line your top lid with navy eye liner to add depth and dimension, and to get you looking bright-eyed fast. Next, swipe an opalescent shadow over your lid and brow bone. Finish with black mascara.

Cheeks: Dust shimmer across the tops of your cheekbones to shape and illuminate them.

Lips: For tons of shine, pick a pink or clear gloss that lets your natural lip hue show. If you want you can also choose your favourite colour to go with the dress you are wearing.

If You Have 10 Minutes for Makeup

If you have a few extra minutes, play up your eyes which are the expressive part of your face.

Eyes: First, apply golden shadow from lash line to brow bone, going heavier on the lid and fanning it up toward your eyebrow. Then define your top lash line with chocolaty-brown eyeliner. Drag a Q-tip -- or the sponge end of your pencil -- over the line to keep it soft and smudgy.

Cheeks: Applying blush requires a little more time and care than applying a simple shimmer powder, but the goal is the same: to enhance your already gorgeous skin. For a natural look, smile as you rub a sheer creamy blush into the apples of your cheeks; blend it out toward your hairline.

Lips: Apply a goldish-pink lipstick and skip lip liner and apply color from the tube, softening with your finger.

Nails: Paint on two quick-drying coats of sparkle polish to lend a flirty finishing touch to your look.

If You Have 20 Minutes for Makeup

If you have 20 mins then try a funky party look. Slick on a lip color you've never dared to wear and vamp up your fingertips with a festive red polish.

Eyes: You've got the time, so line both your top and bottom lash lines with a soft-brown pencil, extending the liner just beyond the corner of your eyes using the same smudging technique as in the 10-Minute Look. Then swipe on a golden-brown shadow from lash line to crease, blending upward.

Cheeks: Apply the same ultra-blendable cream-blush formulation to the apples of your cheeks. Depending on your skin tone, you may want to pump up your blush to balance out your strong lip and eye colors.

Lips: Red-alert lips are a classic holiday custom. With this pink-gold-brown color combo, choose a red with warm berry or gold undertones to keep your colors from clashing -- and forgo the lip liner.

Nails: Sexy red nails are worth the extra five minutes of careful application time.

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