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One of the things that we often neglect is our neck. We pay too much attention on our face that we almost forget all about our neck and how much it contributes for a beautiful posture. A healthy neck supports your head, keeping it aligned with the rest of the spine in a proper, balanced posture. The neck has a slight natural curve, which sits on top of the two curves in the middle and lower back. Correct posture maintains all three curves and prevents undue stress and strain by distributing body weight evenly. Good posture is not simply a matter of "standing tall." It refers to correct use of the body at all times. To prevent problems, avoiding strain must become a way of life, practised while lying, sitting, standing, walking, working, and exercising. By learning to live with good posture, under all circumstances, you will gradually develop proper carriage and stronger muscles which are needed to protect and support your neck as well as your back.

Common Neck Problems

Lines on the neck :
The skin on the neck is very thin and delicate and if you don't take proper care then you are likely to develop lines on your neck. Without proper exercise you may land up with loss of muscle tone around the neck and develop premature aged skin resulting in ugly lines around the neck. If the area is not cleaned properly the dead cell also accumulate adding to the problem. Sometimes the skin also becomes saggy and develops lines after a long period of illness.

Excessive hair :
Excessive hair grows on the neck accompanied by the hair on the chin because of hormonal imbalances. Side effects of certain medication can also cause this problem. There are many hair removal techniques, which however should only be handled by professionals.

Pigmentation of the skin around the neck :
The main cause of pigmentation is neglect of the body, exposure to sun and bad posture. This problem gets aggravated in the neck area if we adopt a bad posture thereby causing the pigments to accumulate near the neck and causing pigmentation. Thus if the neck is held straight the problem of uneven distribution of pigment will be less.

General Neck Care

  • Always keep your neck straight and keep your posture right.
  • Clean the skin regularly and do exfoliation with the general scrub. This will remove the dead cells.
  • Massage the neck regularly, but don't apply very high finger pressure.
  • Regular scrubbing of the neck with a natural scrubber activates the lymphatic glands and removes dead cells.
  • Sleep on a low pillow. This will keep the neck alignment proper.
  • While at work do not lean over your work, hobbies, projects, etc. Angle work so that you can look straight ahead, or sit closer to your work area.
  • It is best to sleep on a firm mattress rather than on a soft bed.
  • When lifting objects bring the object close to you using your legs in lifting, not your back so that u don't put extra pressure on your neck.
  • While sleeping the neck should be neither bent nor extended, it should be gently supported.
  • Do neck exercises through out the day.

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