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Good posture is not simply a matter of "standing tall." It refers to correct use of the body at all times. To prevent problems, avoiding strain must become a way of life, practised while lying, sitting, standing, walking, working, and exercising. By learning to live with good posture, under all circumstances, you will gradually develop proper carriage and stronger muscles which are needed to protect and support your neck. Following neck exercises and massage will help you achieve your goal.

Apply almond oil sparingly to your neck and massage your neck from left to right in rhythmical, upward-stroking motion, with one hand following the other. If your start with the palms at the base of the neck, you should finish with the forefingers up under the chin. Continue for three or four minutes.

Neck Exercises

  • Sit straight and look straight in front of you. Now gently rotate your neck in a clockwise direction. Do it for 5 times and then rotate your neck in anti-clockwise direction. Do it for 5 times and then come back to your original position.
  • Sit straight. Keeping your chin straight, turn your head to one side looking to the right so that the chin is over your shoulder. Turn your head as much as you can. Hold till the count of 5 and come back to the original position. Repeat the same sequence for the other side.
  • Hold your head in a central position, then lean it as far over as you can towards one shoulder and hold for a count of 10. Your neck may feel rather stiff to begin with. Repeat on the other side making sure that your shoulder remains still and relaxed throughout. Do five repetitions.
  • Do these exercises atleast once in a day.

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