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Ornamentation of fabric with the help of prints and stripes inherent on fabric or with the help of superficial adherence has evolved over the ages. This generally forms the grooming up of the art of design. Different kinds of prints and patterns are used to evolve a design pattern. Following are the different kinds of motifs.

Prints such as the bandhej, batik, paisleys, chitons, French provincials and other country prints evolving from folklores and influenced with traditional customs are termed as ethnic prints.


This motif is also known as the natural motifs which are basically depiction of inspirations derived from the nature such as flowers, animals, landscapes and similar inspirations.


Uses of geometrical figures such as dots, stripes both horizontal and vertical with other geometrical motifs and there combinations are termed as geometrical patterns.


Uses of abstract to depict the unknown have always caught the fancy of the people and are often used for design based ornamentation.


It is an abstract floral pattern that has a stylized depiction of floras. A very common motif used for textile.

Plaids and checks

Use of a combination of linear lines for creating equal sized checks and unequal sized checks known as plaids, has been a common motif for design development.


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