make up tips Looking beautiful and gorgeous normally means that you spend a lot of money in expensive cosmetics, clothes and accessories. However, that is about to change now. Getting gorgeous no longer mean you have to empty out your wallet. Try these low-cash, high-style beauty ideas instead:

1. Scrub up at home.
Give up exfoliating treatments at a spa and whip up your own: Mix a handful of coarse sugar crystals with some olive oil, and use to slough off dead skin in the shower. You can also use 2/3 rd cup ground nuts, 1/3 rd cup oatmeal and milk, put in a blender and make a paste.

2. Fake a perfect manicure.
Soak nails in lemon juice for clean and gorgeous nails. Then use a nail buffer to make tips shiny. No polish required!

3. Maximize your lipstick.
Apply lipstick over a thin layer of Vaseline for a glossy look; pat on with a fingertip for a stain; dust with loose powder for a matte look; and mix with a bit of dark shadow for an evening effect.

4. Use hair products wet and dry.
Instead of investing in two different styling aids, use one for all of your needs: Apply a hair cream to damp locks, then smooth on a bit when hair is dry. Or use gel on wet hair for hold, then add some more to dry hair for shine.

5. Go for all-purpose moisturizer.
Choice a moisturizer that will work on the entire body rather than buying one for face and one for hands and legs.

6. Don't be fooled by high-price skincare.
It is recommended that you stick to natural skin products and eat lots of vegetable and fruits for a healthy and glowing skin.


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