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Look Great With Colours Colours can make you feel good and presentable. Proper colours not only enhance your beauty but it also makes you feel great. Colour is probably the most important element in the design of any product, service, institution and your image. Colour choice reveals personality, distinguishes work from pleasure, marks important events and makes you more confident and focussed in life. Therefore you should learn to enhance your personality and image by using proper colours.

Here are some tips so that you can wear colour to your advantage:

  • If you are timid or shy, wear red or strong colours and others will perceive you as more assertive while you are still being you.
  • When considering colour for business, conservative is best - especially when meeting a new client - don't overwhelm them. Avoid white except in shirts and blouses for work.
  • Beige and grey elicit a tailored and professional image and are great colours to incorporate into your outfit with prospective clients because you're perceived as approachable.
  • Choose a muted pastel as opposed to pinks, baby blues and yellow in business apparel since that is appropriate for office wear and looks decent.
  • Black is best for formal attire as in suits and for evening events.
  • Navy makes everyone look good and communicates individual authority. It's great for classic suiting as well as sportswear. The maritime look has always and will continue to always be in fashion.
  • Red, green and blue in assorted tints and shades are suitable for all occasions; however, straight green is not appropriate for the work place. Try olive, teal, or sage.
  • If you love yellow, try shades or tints of it such as gold and mustard.
  • If you want to appear smaller incorporate dark, cool and dull colours and textures. Dull textures absorb the light like wool or cotton. Some very slimming colours include black, navy, olive, violet, charcoal grey, chocolate brown, plum, eggplant and burgundy.
  • If you want an area to appear larger choose light, bright and/or shiny colours and textures. Shiny fabrics reflect light making an image appear larger.
  • If you want to appear taller, wear colours from the same colour family such as blue, navy and teal. Otherwise known as a monochromatic colour scheme, colour is wavelength and when wearing two different colours, the eye has to stop briefly to adjust to the different wavelength. When wearing colours from the same colour family the eye doesn't have to adjust.
  • Finally, when it comes to colour, wear the colour that makes YOU feel good and suit you (yes, when you are feeling blue - wear blue) and ones you receive complements on. It may not be the best one for your complexion but it is the best one for

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