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How to Create A Basic Lip Design
Anytime, any place, anywhere, here's a mistake-proof way to create great-looking lips in no time. All you need to do is follow the procedure as illustrated below. Your Tools: Pick your favourite lipstick or lip-gloss, a freshly sharpened lip pencil in the same shade --or a beige or neutral shade and a lip brush.

Now, outline your lips perfectly with these simple steps:
1. First create an outline by dotting your lips with a pencil at the main areas i.e. one at the edge of each corner on either side of your upper lip. Then, add two more dots --one at each of the twin peaks (the crests) in the middle of the upper lip.

2. Now connect your dots - first, connecting the dot on each corner up to the dot on the crest on the same side. Then, connecting the 2 dots on both crests together, to completely outline the top lip.

3. Outline, starting from the middle of your lower lip, lining outward three-quarters of the way to the corners, stopping right before you get to the corners.

4. Fill in with lipstick or lip-gloss, using your lip brush to apply colour evenly. Blend any visible edges of your pencil lines with lipstick, using your lip brush to apply and blend.

Some Useful Tips

  • The best lip colour fixative is a thin layer of Chapstick. The formula holds lip colour like crazy as it heals and protects. Powder is also a good lip colour fixative.
  • For longer wear, blot lips after applying lipstick to set colour and remove excess. Add a thin layer of loose or pressed powder, then apply colour again.
  • Turn down too much shine by holding a single-ply tissue to your lips and pressing a little loose powder through it - just enough will sift through the tissue to adhere to colour and reduce the shine.
  • Keep matte lip colour from drying your lips - use a lip primer or lip colour fixative before you apply the matte colour.

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