Following are a few tips that will help make your lips more balanced and beautiful.

If you have big lips, use muted colours such as purples, browns and bronzes.

If you have thin lips, avoid dark colours.

For fuller lips, spotlight lip-gloss right in the centre of your mouth.

Always use a brush for lipstick application for that way you will be using less lipstick.

Keep matte lip colour from drying your lips - use a lip primer or lip colour fixative before you apply the matte colour.

To stop lipstick from bleeding, use a lip liner, or apply foundation over the lips first.

If you want your lipstick to last longer then apply a thin layer of chapstick. The formula holds lip colour like crazy as it heals and protects.

For longer wear, blot lips after applying lipstick to set colour and remove excess. Add a thin layer of loose or pressed powder, then apply colour again.

Turn up the shine with a thin layer of clear lip-gloss over lipstick.

Turn down too much shine by holding a single-ply tissue to your lips and pressing a little loose powder through it - just enough will sift through the tissue to adhere to colour and reduce the shine.

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