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Lakme India Fashion Week - Day7 (26th April, 2005)

Ashish Pandey
Ashish's cuts were very feminine. Layering was key, and chiffon underskirts popped out. Billowing slit sleeves, ra-ra skirts and layered dresses made sure this collection had a girlie appeal.

Sanskar by Sonam Dubal
Clean cuts and clean embroideries gave the collection a western look and the use of mirror work added an Indian touch. White and black were mixed with a deep red and there was even soft turquoise. Apron like patchwork skirt were tied around trousers-it was being free and easy.

Sonali Mansingka
Sans embellishment, Sonali relied on cut and texturing to make her garments interesting. Prints too were used but it was the texturing that stood out. Sonali mixed fabrics together and prints were often used as a highlight on textured garments. Colours used included burnt amber, terrestrial brown, champagne beige and charcoal grey.

Arjun Khanna
Khanna presented his energetic line 'Rockstar goes to Morocco'. It started with a line of suits, which had pin-striping. These were pin striped suits with nothing 'corporate' around them-linen was the main fabric, the striping was in usual colours. Denims played a huge role and added a rockstar element.

Ashima and Leena
The theme for this show was 'Eternal Mystics' and it takes inspiration from a region in the Himalayas. A collection of whites started off the show. From whites, things went colourful and there was an oriental red line with gold flowers that had touches of jade blue.

Rajesh Pratap Singh
The collection was inspired by the schoolgirl. Thin ties were worn with pinafore style jackets, tops and dresses. Uniform dresses had sprinklings of metallic embroidery. Churi pants were worn with tunic blazers. The colour palette was mainly black and white adding a certain severity.

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