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Lakme India Fashion Week – Day 2 (21st April, 2005)

Suneet Verma
"Sex and the City" was the name for Suneet Verma's Le Spice collection. This was a sophisticated line for the city girl who is taking a summer trip-so there were lots of soft pinks, oranges, embellished denims and polka dots. Though there was one theme for this collection, Suneet presented six different lines. The first had a military feel with a short bolero style military detail worn over a dress really caught your eye.Tie and dye was another favourite and was used strongly in his second line. His polka dot collection looked perfect for a Sunday brunch in a café. From this Suneet effortlessly moved into a more evening collection, with gold sequin belts, and tie and dye prints. The colour theme too was fresh with lilacs and soft turquoises. Lastly he presented a more bold casual evening line - bold prints in bright purples, yellows and oranges. Halters tops worn with bikini bottoms continued the resort wear theme. The whole collection was very young and had a fresh feel.

Ranna Gill
Ranna Gill's "Gypsy" collection showcased very modern and sexy Gypsies with Indian roots. Ranna used gotta, mirrors and paisely giving her garments a total Ethnic feel. Her silhouettes were sexy with halter-tops, stretch dresses and strappy tops. Softness was added through ribbon ties and chiffon printed sashes, which added an element of girlie fun. There were trousers in the collection often worn under kaftan dresses. These trousers were rolled to the knee, showing lots of leg. There were gypsy dresses, tiered skirts and knee length gypsy skirts- giving her collection a feeling of free and easy movement. Colours were used but they never looked over the tops, as most of the colours used where on the muter side- such as ochre-orange, rose pink and grape purple.

AS- By Ashish & Smita Soni

AS' "Sound of Silence" was a collection that was truly heavenly. The multi-layered garments were full of details yet had a real calmness to it. The collection was inspired by fine art photographers Yoshimitsu Naga Saka's coffee table book. Over 50 garments took to the ramp, and there was a mix of men and women's clothes. Influences from the Victorian and Edwardian time were obvious with both men and women wearing gilets, puffball skirts, and Victorian looking underskirts and cravat looking ties around the neck. Since many of the fabrics were enzyme treated, the whole look was natural and almost washed out.

CUE by Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna
Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna went for a Gothic glam look for their collection. Baroque styles was mixed with vintage colours and surface ornamentation was extensively used. This made a very bold and dramatic statement. The collection mainly concentrated on women, but there was some men's stuff too. The colour palate for both was strictly dark and velvet was used as a texture on garments. Brown and blacks were colours preferred for both men and women. Rich fabrics such as satin, velvet and faux leather too enhanced the powerful gothic look. Gold and metallic red slashes were used on lycra dresses and tops. This was a collection for those who like to live life on the dark side.

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