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Lakme India Fashion Week - Day 1 (18th July 2003)

Rocky S
Designer Rocky S started off with fun and frolic displaying his creation Goth inspired Street Vamp with attitude. Rocky S is known for his funky and trendy styles and that was the highlight of his collection. All the current trends were there in spades: cut off pants on men and women; asymmetrical hemlines with 60's style graphic prints, streamlined cargos and Indian embroidery. Good looking linens, played against high quality synthetics worked with exciting surface treatments. The main colour palette was somber grey and black with splashes of electric orange and pink.

Aki Narula
Aki Narula's collection was innovative, wild and humourous. His collection amazes you and one is surprised by his unconstrained and free flowing work. His cutting, draping, surface techniques are unique and brings forward his refusal to be bound by convention. His collection included such combination which though peculiar looked, stylish and humorous but never vulgar. He showcased camouflage combat gear, football shorts in sari fabric and used Chinese brocades, Kimono cuts in a different direction. A high point of this stunning show was the button detailed parachute silk collection: a trench coat, a deep aubergine and a brown skirt, a pair of grey pants.

Cue - Rohit Gandhi & Rahul Khanna
Rohit and Rahul's collection was a genuinely commercial collection. His tailoring was crisp throughout - the prints, the laser cut leather, the pleating and stitching and the clean lines showcased a very sharp and sleek collection. The silhouettes were slim, sleek and uncluttered. Trousers were flared and low slung and surprisingly he also showcased a pair of very high waisted black pants. Skirt shapes were pleated, flipped and asymmetrical. The main colour palette was based on military theme with was basically in darks highlighted with strong red, then muted greens and blues.

Ashish & Smita Soni
Ashish and Smita Soni presented a men's and women's collection mostly of coordinated separates. The colour palette began as pure white in trousers and crisply tailored shirts for men and women with deconstructed external pockets. The next set of collection moved into black and white and finally the total palette of red, black and white as a variety of separates were showcased. Trousers predominated for women, mostly flared, but with an occasional straight leg making an appearance. There were crops and even a knee length legging.

Shantanu & Nikhil
Shantanu and Nikhil's collection was the combination of Indian and Western tradition with bright and lively colours. In the western collection: Silhouettes were slim, trousers were flared while skirts had bias cuts. Hems were asymmetrical and all lengths. Fabrics were plains or stripes. Next came a series of sharp black and white chalk stripe outfits. Well cut and snappy.The next set was cool asymmetrical stripes in petrol blue, navy, fuschia and white. Then they upped the temperature again with a wild Pucci style print in yellows, greens, pink and blues. The printed georgette was used in tops and skirts against solid fuschia and kingfisher satin separates.For the finale another change of temperature and pace with a chic line in pale blue and gold brocade trousers, skirts, jackets, shirts and dresses. The entire collection was a game of different and vibrant shades and moods and after very set of western outfits came in a Sari which added the touch of real India.

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