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This summer do something different and innovative with your hair. Summer is hot and sweaty and no doubt all that you feel like doing is keeping your hair tied and away from your face but with our tips you can change the way you look and enjoy being the centre of attraction.

Stripe it rich
This will give you a new look and will also add a bit of style and fashion in your life. For hot summer nights, rainbow-coloured hairstreaks are the coolest. Go red, purple, blue, green. Earn your stripes the easy way, with temporary hair dyes, clip on extensions or the colour wands made by Revlon, Dior and others that let you stripe and swipe at will.

Cool Haircuts
Ask for a cut with shaggy layers, chunks or feathers all around the face and neckline. This will make your face look fresh and lively. Gone are the days when you only wished to tie your hair up. With these hairstyles you will have an openness and style that will make your appearance beautiful and elegant.

Long Hair-n-style

In contrast to the short, layered do's this season, super-long hair is also back in the picture. The newest look is to cut the ends t-square straight across - or, conversely, heat-curl them for a tumble of curls on the ends - but leave the rest of the hair stick straight.

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